Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Crazy In Love

What do you say when you get home and your 4 year old son asks, "Wanna see us dance Crazy in Love?"...the only thing you should - Yes. (and grab the camera) Enjoy the moment as we did. One of the great features is how each of the boy's personality comes out as he attacks the performance. This is a good example of pretty common family dance parties. Enjoy....

Friday, November 05, 2010

If You Leave It They Will Come

Road workers - thank you for leaving some of your construction vehicles and drainage tubes at our park! Every boys dream come true! My boys and their friend were not alone in passing up the playground.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Good Times From MASS


Fishing in the Quban Reservoir!
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Thankful for Chris and Jen's Pool! We spent most of our time swimming all day long. When we had those days that reached up to the 100's even the grown-ups jumped in! Pool baseball, categories, Marco polo, and of course cannon ball contests (Ian blew everyone out of the water with his!). I did not capture many pics since I joined in on all the pool fun:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

RI Ocean...met w/squeals of delight

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The Waves! The Waves! All the kids loved the waves! The first 30 minutes was filled with high pitched shouts of joy as the kids stood in the crashing waves tossing them about the beach. They all learned to ride the wave, which was even better since you could avoid the wave breaking on top of you and throwing you to the shore. After a few face plants and one struggle to keep swim shorts out of the under toe the deeper waves became our preferred ocean space.
Of course the beach is never complete with out a few holes dug and a few sandcastles built.
A few highlights...
Taatjes riding his Orca in the waves when we first arrived. Although he was supposed to wait for the adults his "I live in my own head full of adventure" kicked in and he was off, in the surf, riding his Orca, screaming, wild eyed, overcome with joy! (No pics since the adults were rather terrified with his excursion, which caught them quite off guard.)
Trey had spent a good hour collecting sea shells in a bucket when a wave came crashing down on him emptying his bucket of every precious shell. Oh the tears that came! He felt his entire sea shell collection; of such great importance to him for future show and tell days; was lost forever. Once we were able to get him to open his tear filled eyes and see the many other shells waiting to be collected, the hunt continued.
Teague loving every bit the ocean had to offer...as long as dad was with in reach:) Didn't enjoy being thrown around a bit by himself on the shore. But, jump into dads arms to be thrown and knocked down; this is something to laugh and shriek about. Poor Justin and his knees. Holding a "solid" 3 yr old in the waves and trying to keep your balance is not possible. His knees took a beating. I think his little boys laughter helped him push through and come up laughing with him.
Greer conquering her fear of loud crushing waves! She started the day crying at the sight and sound of them. After a few swims with dad she was able to walk around by herself next to the same loud crushing waves. Back to her rough and tumble self.
Becca was wave rider extraordinaire! Her body literally morphed into a dolphin, or so it looked to me as she navigated the waves with delight and ease. She could have spent the whole day diving, jumping, and surfing out there. But we needed her digging abilities to build sand castles too:)

The Beach Crew

Ice Cream in Mystic - a fav pic
Thanks Ian and Alyssa for making my Ocean Dreams come true!

HeeHaw and The 3 T's

4 of a kind!
And, for Grandma - the 2 things most requested! Oh and Tike:)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Here Fishy Fishy Fishy" - Ernie

If you were raised on sesame street or babysat any kids who were, you too are reading this title with the picture of Ernie in his fishing boat with his good buddy Burt calling out for fish "here fishy fishy fishy".
The boys have been fishing a lot these days. Our current favorite spot is loaded with catfish. Every line that goes in comes out with one. A few of there great hooks. No worries we are a catch and release family:)